New patch has landed

Time: 2019-06-12 05:13

New patch is scheduled on 16:00 GMT+8
1. Added Palladium function that will play an important role in the upcoming new guild war.
- Added new guild structures and minor adjustment on structure displays
- Shrine Hall: A place to check on and upgrade your guild’s Palladium
- Blessing Shrine: Refresh buff and increases the shrine points, Holy Curio and ongoing research limit obtained from each blessing (Blessing function will become available in the later updates)
- Guardian Shrine: Increases the basic rewards obtained from Artifact War (Artifact War will become available in the later updates)
- Opulent Shrine: A place to research the Holy Curio which also can be upgraded to increase Holy Curio storage and exchange for Holy Curio
- Shrine Points: Obtained from upgrading guild Palladium, Blessing and Guild Wars. Used to exchange for Holy Curio in Opulent Shrine
2. Added Artifact function
- Unlocks at Lv100
- Artifact consists of 5 Holy Curios which players can exchange for at the Opulent Shrine using shrine points
- The first player in the server who manages to activate artifact skills will be recorded in history.
3.Added Father's Day events duration from Jun.13th to Jun.23rd

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